G-Technology and G-TEAM

Let me start by wishing you all a very happy and creative 2015. I can’t begin to tell you all how excited and motivated I am for this New Year.
2014 was an amazing time in my life, both professionally and personally, with a lot of soul searching and personal growth. I was fortunate to work on some amazing projects taking me all over the world. It has been an incredible year: working for magazines, fashion brands  and technology companies alike, to create some of my best and most inspiring work to date.
So with a new year, that means new beginnings- new adventures and new collaborations. 
The first big news I have to share is that I am officially a member of the G-Technology Ambassador’s program, known as the G-TEAM.
The G-TEAM comprises some of the world’s most acclaimed and truly inspirational professionals in film, photography and music.
I was first introduced to G-Technology through my friend and fellow SanDisk Extreme Team member and G-TEAM member, Lucas Gilman.
I was tired at looking at my desk and having dozens of Hard Drives on it and years of precious work backed up literally all over the place. I was in desperate need of organizing around ten years and 20 TB of data. Thousands of hours of videos and hundreds of thousands of images were spread out on multiple brand and size drives. I had had issues with a couple of them, losing years of work, so I was in desperate need of a simple, practical, safe and fast storage solution- not that easy of a demand to fill. My clients always expect the best and greatest results from me and it’s crucial I don’t let them down, so my equipment has to be reliable and dependable and that’s EXACTLY what I found when I thankfully discovered G – Technology.

G-Technology is launching some new products that promise to make our life easier and I’m really excited to try it out on location. They’re the Rugged Family Drives. Take a look at the presentation videos:
Yeah, exactly. The drives come with a shockproof and waterproof case, which is an amazing thing to have whenever you’re shooting on location, because your files are the most important thing and you want to make sure they’re safe at all times.You can either buy the whole thing or just get the cases and use them on the drives you already own. All the info about this exciting new product can be found here.
Speaking of keeping your files safe, there’s another amazing product by G-Technology that I’ve been using (and I also featured it in my Christmas Wishlist post) and I’m in love with: the G-Dock.
I can backup my files while shooting on location to a hard drive and when I get to the studio, I just insert the drive into the Dock (which is connected to my desktop computer), making a second backup automatically and being able to access my files whenever I want to. The G-Dock system is amazingly flexible and makes my workflow super fast.
Also featured in my Christmas Wishlist was the G-Speed Studio, which is another great tool for file storage and backups. I realized how critical it was to have backups in different places, when I lost about five years of images during the Hurricane Sandy. The G-Speed Studio is a great tool because it has four qualities that I consider essential in my digital workflow: capacity, durability, reliability and speed and allows you to reach up to 64TB of storage capacity- perfect for storing all your files and backups.