Full Throttle, Small Kit BIG Results.


Camera XT-1 XF and the Fujinon 14mmF2.8 | F/13 | 1/250th sec | ISO 800 
                                                            Full Throttle Small Kit, Big Results from JOAOCARLOSMEDIA on Vimeo.

When a friend of yours for over twenty  years calls you up and says he has a new ride and would love some pictures of it, you wake up early to get the beauty of early morning sunshine and get that perfect combination of natural light and  flash at sunrise .

 I was also excited about being able to experiment with the wi-fi capabilities of the X-T1 –
 We mounted the  XT-1 and  a  XF 14mm f/2.8 lens with a magic arm as if it were an action camera to the handle bars of the motorbike. This was an awesome perspective: the results have a dramatic, high impact  advertising feel and the file quality is superb on the XT-1 so I could go a little more crazy on the editing.
Testing the wi-fi capabilities for selfies. Approved. 
Another cool selfie taken from a distance. The Fujifilm Camera Remote app gives me full camera control 

The Wi-fi connection was very fast, clocking in at about under a minute.

Camera XT-1and the  Fujinon XF 14mmF2.8 | F/16 | 1/40th sec | ISO 800

Camera XT-1 and the Fujinon XF 14mmF2.8 | F/14 | 1/250th sec | ISO 800
The tilt screen  on the XT-1 makes it easy to get these super low-angles, creating a more dramatic visual
Camera XT-1 and the Fujinon XF 14mmF2.8 | F/16 | 1/125th sec | ISO 800
My buddy Goncalo standing in for that early morning sunshine 

My Intern Rui standing in to test the light.

Thank you Gonçalo, I had a lot of fun. 

Clear image and total control via Fujifilm Camera Remote

Here I am filming while walking along side the motorbike.

Thing of beauty

Fujinon XF 14mmF2.8 

The Profoto B2 off camera flash is a great  option for pretty much any on location shoot
  The B2 250 Air TTL Power Pack weighs only  2.2 lb with its Lithion -Ion battery and each  head only  weighs 1.5 lbs – 
 The B2 boasts super fast  recycling times and  There is a Freeze Mode that allows   me to stop the action even if  the subject is moving at hi speeds .I used  bare bulb on one B2 head the other was mounted with a set of barn doors , I love this raw light perfect for the dramatic affect .
 When you combine B2 and X-T1 it’s a super small kit that allows for huge results . 

Gear List

Fujifilm X-T1 Silver Edition
Fujinon XF Super EBC 14mm f/2.8
Fujinon XF Super EBC 27mm f/2.8
Fujinon XF Super EBC 35mm f/1.4
Fujinon XF Super EBC 56mm f/1.2

SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC 128 Gb Cards

3 Legged Thing Tripod

 B2 Off-Camera Flash Heads
 B2 250 AirTTL Battery Pack
 Li-Ion Batteries
 Battery Charger
 Air Remote TTL Transceiver
 B2 Extension cable 3m
 OCF Barndoors
 OCF Snoot
 10 Degree OCF Honeycomb Grid