Fujifilm GFX 102 EVENT Portraits

Two Unforgettable Days of Photography! An Extraordinary Experience Courtesy of @fujifilmxpt and @colorfoto

Last Friday and Saturday, I had the immense privilege of participating in an extraordinary photography event, thanks to the dedicated team at @fujifilmxpt and @colorfoto. This GFX event was far more than a simple gathering; it represented a vibrant celebration of art, community, and the dynamic world of photography. 📷💫

Exploring the World Through a Medium Format Lens 🌍📸

During the event, we had the unique opportunity to experience the innovative medium format cameras and lenses from @fujifilmxpt. The impeccable quality, precision, and ability of these cameras to capture stunningly detailed images were genuinely awe-inspiring. It showcased the remarkable advancements in photography technology.

Reconnecting and Creating New Bonds 🤝

A major highlight of this event was the chance to reconnect with long-time friends and forge new relationships, all unified by our shared passion for photography. The challenge of photographing fellow photographers, while daunting, proved to be incredibly rewarding. The portraits I captured are more than mere images; they are vibrant stories, cherished memories, and a testament to our collective passion for photography. 🤝

A Special Thanks 🙏

I extend my deepest gratitude to @fujifilmxpt, @colorfoto, and my friend @edulima_colorfoto for making these two days exceptionally memorable. Your commitment to the art of photography and fostering a community of artists is genuinely inspiring.


Thank you to everyone who was a part of this incredible journey. Here’s to many more such events where we can share, learn, and grow together in our love for photography!

A Dual Role: Speaker and Photographer

In addition to enjoying the event’s experiences and interactions, I had the distinct opportunity to be one of the key speakers. My presentation delved into the intersection of technology and visual arts, providing insights into the ever-evolving world of digital photography.

After my presentation, I embraced the chance to capture portraits of the attendees. This endeavor allowed me not only to engage with the audience on a more personal level but also to document the diverse, dynamic faces that comprise our vibrant community. These portraits represent more than photographs; they are a celebration of the individual stories and personalities that converged at this event.

Being both a speaker and a photographer gave me a unique dual perspective, enabling me to contribute both intellectually and artistically to the event. I am deeply thankful for having had the opportunity to play such a multifaceted role in this unforgettable experience.