From Paris with LOVE – Updated

“An editorial on Paris. Big deal. What´s new? Well, this one is about its people. Oh, big surprise. Bite your nails off, this one is gonna rock your boat in the Seine. An editorial about the ones who love and care, the ones who run in the morning and talk about life in general while sipping coffee. The ones who curse at you while in a traffic jam and then have lunch outside and hug you while smelling of Chanel ever so slightly. This one is about little dogs and lazy cats. About growing up and lying down. About bikes and funky cars. About lonely people and amazing characters. About families and small squares in the dark. About flowers. About big hats and small shoes. About royal palaces and manicured gardens. About smoke. About mirrors. About you.
An editorial about Paris. Just that. Click. Copy. Paste. Merci Beaucoup.”

All photos by João Carlos. That´s Jean Charles in French, mind you. Bon Chic, Bon Genre.

Paris Editorial with the exclusive support of the French Tourism Office – Portuguese Delegation and Air France
Special thanks to Sylvia Frango from Atout France