Free Falling – Personal Work

When I get the chance to work with my lovely Katy I don’t pass it up. The chemistry we have on set is amazing and I can honestly say I create my best work with her.
Here are some of the gorgeous new floaty images Katy and I shot during one of our days off in Canada. I love this work, it is amongst some of my favorite images ever. Our original plan was to use coloured paint powder, but after being suspicious of the toxicity of the paint (!) we decided to go with an edible powdered product instead. Katy was demanding we use the coloured paint right up until she got a ton of it in her eye and swallowed around 2 kilograms…
Massive thanks to CIS in Toronto and also my assistants that day Dick Mcgill and Mark Bianco.

My Set up is simple, I used a Prophoto Beauty Dish directly above my subject and I shot with my Canon 5D and with my 70-200 2.8 L glass. Since this is a heavy lens, I used my “3 legged thing” tripod to help keep my images sharp by limiting the movement of my camera.
I shot Directly on to my Sandisk Extreme CF cards.
I also used two Wescott reflectors to catch any fall off light from the Beauty dish.