I am posting from Bogota Columbia , I have only been here for four days but its been a wonderful trip so far , I was invited by Flasherz the organizer of one off south Americas biggest photo events to teach a master class and give a seminar at “Foco” Congresso de fotografia . I gave a two hour Fashion Beauty seminar in Studio and a four hour Location natural light workshop. The Hasselblad Masters show is also on display here in Bogota and they launched the Masters Book . There is a real thirst for knowledge here , so all the attendees were super attentive and inquisitive.I just have to thank all the amazing people I met and the event organizers . you really made me feel like I was home . I will be posting images from the weekend shot with my Samsung Nx100 , it was perfect to capture all those great little moments . Here are some shots with some attendees and my outdoor lighting workshop .