F-MAGAZINE Cover Shoot with actor Fredy Costa

I was recently invited to shoot both the cover and an editorial for an internacional luxury lifestyle magazine, which publishes two simultaneous separate covers. The cover for the internacional market which I shot with actor/model Fredy Costa, took place at the Pestana Hotel in Alcântara. I arrived on set at around 2:30 pm and went straight to the hotel room, where all the crew was getting ready. After chatting a little bit with the crew and talent I left my equipment to scout the location.
I shot on five different locations in and around the hotel, in a total of 9 photos. I used two Profoto B2 On-location Strobes, with a Westcott Halo, a Westcott 6-in-1 Reflector and a 3 Legged Thing Tripod.  I shot this editorial with my Canon 5D Mark II.


Here is the photo with the final art
Here is the cover photo without the crop and the final art. I shot this photo with only the Westcott Halo as the main light source and natural light from a window coming from camera right to fill in the shadows a little bit and the window behind him to help separate him from the background
Here is the lighting diagram for the image above
Here is the dining room where I shot 3 of the images.
I regularly shoot with Brian from 3LeggedThing  , you can also see in the background Profoto B2 Air off camera flash  with a Westcott Halo .
Here is the first page of the editorial this image was shot with the door to the dining room as the backdrop, again all that was used to light him was the Westcott Halo from above and to the left.
In this shot I kept the Halo coming in from above and added another Profoto B2 off-camera flash bare-bulbed  pointing at his legs and stomach to light his lower half                
Fredy Costa is an angolan actor and model, who recently became the face for Martini in Angola.He ownes his own line of male underware.  He’s an actor of telenovelas (soap operas) and movies in Portugal and Angola.




In this shot I used both Profoto B2 Off-Camera Flash to light this scene, one was used with the Westcott Halo to light him, and another was used bare-bulbed to light the background, I did it to help separate him from the wall.
Here is one shot of the making of, my 3 Legged Thing tripod (aka Brian) helps me  keep everything nice and steady, and the Profoto Air-TTL remote to fire the Profoto B2 Off-Camera flash 
This shot was taken in the reception area of the Hotel
This was the last shot of the day, besides the sun light I used Profoto B2 to light his lower half, and my assistant held a reflector with the gold side out to reflect the sunlight on his face and shoulder to help separate him.
The Pestana Palace is a luxurious 5 star hotel located in a XIX century palace and is classified as a nacional monument.
Producer Director  Fátima Magalhães
Photographer João Carlos
Photo Assistant Rui Rodrigues
Post Production Bruno Jorge
Model Fredy Costa
Styling Jacinto Paiva
Hairstylist Magnólia Karlsson
Make-Up Madalena Martins
Special Thanks Pestana Palace Hotel