DILEMA Magazine Launch

Dilema#02, Cover_01: João Carlos
I am happy and excited to announce that Dilema magazine (B&W Photography) is now available featuring eight of the world’s best photographers. The magazine has 2 editions, a free online edition and a print on demand Premium Collectors Edition with eight different covers.
I am also excited about all the press this issue has received with features on The Vander News, The Print Space blog, and also a feature on Cover Junkie., showcasing all eight covers.

My editor in Chief and my self with all 8 covers .

The Online FREE Edition can be seen here: http://www.liquidimages.com.pt/revista.php

The Print on Demand Collectors Edition can be bought here: http://www.dilema.com.pt/compra.html
or to:dilema.com.pt@gmail.com / +351 969 990 442/ + 351 919 959 066/ + 351 214 647 358

Dilema#02, Cover_03: Michael Grecco

Dilema#02, Cover_04: Hans Strand

Dilema#02, Cover_05: Lyle Oweko.

Dilema#02, Cover_08: Daniel Murtagh.

Dilema#02, Cover_07: Melvin Sokolsky.

Dilema#02, Cover_02:Cláudio Napolitano.

Dilema#02, Cover_06: Roberto Bigano.