DILEMA Magazine # 2 Masters Collectors Edition

Dilema – the best in the art of photography

Stunning black & white photography from acclaimed photographers from around the world .

I am super excited to announce that I am the new International Editor of Dilema magazine. “Dilema is a large format mag that publishes exquisite Black & White photography. Bi-monthly Dilema is published on a flipping page web version and by print on demand. Our mission is to show what’s best in the art of photography.”

In the next issue of Dilema featured photographers are João Carlos, Michael Grecco, Hans Strand, Lyle Oweko, Roberto Biganno, Cláudio Napolitano, Melvin Sokolsky and special guest Daniel Murtaugh who was chosen from over two hundred submissions we received via an online call for entrees via Facebook, the Daily Dose and the Dilema website.

Coming soon online and in a special large format digital offset with 8 different covers to choose from.

Please enjoy the front covers showcase from the issue 2 of Dilema below from some of the most exciting and big names in photography right now.

For more information on the magazine click here. Dilema can also be found on Facebook.

Pre-presentation Video of Dilema Magazine #02.

Production: Conversómetro, Tiago Cardoso Pinto ( thank you it looks amazing

Orders now available on line @ http://www.dilema.com.pt/