Digital Photographer of the Year Awards winner!

the Winning Image in this Years Digital Photographer of the Year 2011 Sports Category

I am almost speechless from excitement ,about a month ago I received a email from the  Digital Photographer of the Year Awards  telling me that ALL THREE of my  images had  made it onto the shortlist of this years award .  Well I am MEGA excited , yes I said it MEGA  excited to announce that one of my images has won a third  place  in the  Action  category , and another two images were shortlisted .
 This was a great project ,I have to thank Katy my muse and Gina for there help and hard work to make my visions possible and Inez Subtil my assistant that day  .

‘Anything is Possible” is the Tittle of this series , and here is a brief text that explains what we wanted to create .

“We wanted to capture the power, weightlessness and dynamism of sporting agility – the idea that the human body can do anything and everything with enough dedication, training and natural aptitude.
This image is shot from a low angle to give the runner a sense of majesty and command; like she is bigger than her adversaries of bad weather, aching muscles, fellow competitors… Sport is a great leveller that disregards the boundaries that wealth, race, language and sex often present and we wanted the image to have that sense of uplift and optimism as though anything is possible.”

Here they are for your viewing pleasure ,  All the winners and a round up of there  favourite shortlisted images will be printed in a celebratory magazine that will come free with issue 119 of Digital Photographer Magazine
This goes on sale 23rd February (UK) available here or from large Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrison stores and WH Smiths.

A special supplement was created and will be included in Issue 119 of Digital Photographer Magazine UK

a cover of the awards supplement that comes free with the issue

 It’s available to buy online here or from WH Smith / Tesco / Sainsburys / Morrisons in the UK.

This issue will reach the rest of the world in a few weeks time (on sale in Costco, Barnes & Noble  in the US ).

Short listed
Short listed