Clinton Hill Memories

We enjoyed our stay in Clinton Hill, but after all this time for us it’s time to move forward from Clinton Hill. It’s a really cute neighborhood, and you can find endless blogs on it, historical and otherwise….

here’s a group of photos from the nabe we called home, and saw grow so much.

First our hats off to John’s Donuts…..they made our breakfast, some of our lunches and dinners, and always brought them hot and delicious with a smile, and remembered where we were traveling and to ask how it went when we got home. These guys are like our family now! HAHA

Then the bodega we always bought our mags/cigs/drinks/etc at…..I still want your cat!

A building going up in our sleepy little nabe- it just kept going up and up and up….
And our brand spankin’ new 24/7 Laundromat. Man this thing was a blessing- it always smelled springtime fresh on our corner….we were the springtime fresh gang HAHA. It’s so scifi being all new and clean and silver.

text by carly 🙂 pics by joao. duh. you can read that right?