Build Your Own Hasselbald .. That Works !!

Since Christmas is just around the corner I thought this post would be great ( hint , hint )

It’s not often that we run across a piece of paper art that is also functional, but that’s just what we have here: set designer and paper aficionado Kelly Angood has recently designed a strikingly lifelike Hasselblad camera made entirely of paper and corrugated cardboard. As you can see from the results below, the pinhole camera gives some very stylish and classic results on it’s medium format 120 film.
Want to build one of your own? Angood has been so kind as to share printable plans for a 35mm film version of the camera which should make procuring and developing film much, much easier. Check out the excellent instructional video at the bottom of this post, then swing by for more mind-stimulating creative work. Happy shooting!

Below: a schematic and video detailing the 35mm version. You’ll find printable plans here.

Instructional video for pinhole Hasselblad from Kelly Angood on Vimeo.

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