Brazilian Celebrity Super Star Regina Duarte and the Orbis Flash


Recently I had the opportunity to photograph a living legend. Regina Duarte is a film, television and stage actress and one of the most famous actresses in Brazilian show business. One of my favorite   clients is UP MAG TAP AIRLINES inflight magazine. This assignment took me to the beautiful city of Coimbra with the Brazilian Icon for two days. During those two days the journalist and myself acted like tour guides showing our famous guest the beautiful wonders of different Portuguese cities. We discovered different Restaurants, Hotels and local hot spots.



Two days sounds like a lot of time to take someone’s portrait, but in reality it’s not that much time and the idea is to keep things simple but interesting. So I try to keep my kit light and practical. My camera for most trips is my Canon 5D Mk III. Since I am always on the go, all of the lenses are packed in my Thinktank Pro Speed Belt v2.0 and one of the coolest accessories in my kit is the Orbis. The Orbis is a softbox, beauty dish and ring flash all in one that uses a speedlight flash as a light source.
The images above and for most of the article are created with the Orbis.
The image above is one of my usual setups with the Orbis and two Nikon speedlights connected via pocketwizards.







This is a behind the scenes of a set I did for a fashion shoot. Orbis direct on flash used as a normal ring flash over the lens.

This series of images was shot during one of my portrait workshops at MEF.

As you can see, the Orbis is a very versatile piece of gear that can be used bot on location and in the studio and fits easily into your backpack, weighing next to nothing.
Equipment used:
Canon EOS 5D Mk III (and a Canon EOS 5D Mk II as backup)

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