Beauty is in the Light Martinique Masterclass Workshop Fashion


Workshop by João Carlos


So I’m super excited! My last workshop was in the beautiful island of Martinique and I was invited by the French photography association GNPP. This four day event was really amazing. It was such an awesome location. I had the pleasure of co-hosting the workshop with the amazing French fashion photographer Olivier Merzoug.

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We broke down this four-day workshop into beauty, fashion, the business of photography how to handle clients, retouching and shooting on location – with or without flash strobes and using natural light. I know! That’s a lot to cover, all in four days. Most of the attendees were exhausted by the second day and overwhelmed with the amount of information that was given to them by both instructors. But, at the end, they had a lot of fun and learned a ton of new things.

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So, for the beauty day, I started by using in SMDV BRiHT-360 with the SMDV BR-300W Beauty Dish, only using the SMDV BR-120 Sandard Reflector with the honeycomb for the backdrop.

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The second lighting set up for the beauty theme was with the SMDV BRiHT-360 with the SMDV Speedbox-70 and the omega reflector. I also used the SMDV BRiHT-360 with the smaller grid, just for the backdrop, to give a great little halo, so I could get some separation between my model and the backdrop.

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Shooting on location in Martinique is very difficult because it’s in the Caribbean. Obviously you’ve got amazing locations, but the sun is also overwhelming. So, even on the cloudiest of days, it’s still very bright out and that can make it very difficult to shoot.

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Despite its difficulty we still ventured ourselves to the streets of Martinique with our models to take advantage of the strong natural light. For this shoots we didn’t use any flash or light modifiers.

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I tried to focus on teaching the students how to use multiple strobes on location. I think we did a pretty good job! For the next series of images I used three SMDV BRiHT-360. A main strobe with the SMDV BR-300W Beauty Dish with honeycomb on the front and another SMDV BRiHT-360 to the right of my subject, with a SMDV BR-170 Tele Reflector. To the left i use a strobe with a SMDV BR-120 Standard Reflector, creating a rim light.

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For the next series of images, I really wanted to focus on just using natural light and I only used the Westcott Omega reflector, due to light and versatility.

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The last set of images was really interesting to teach the students. We tought how to place a model when there’s two models is in your image. Because the location I shot was under this massive tree and I really wanted to capture its whole structure, I ended up only shooting with natural light. I used the Westcott Omega reflector just to get a little bit of extra kick. The lighting set up was really simple, proving that you can make the most with very little.

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