Bassanti Silver Edition Creating Digital Wet Plates with Tonality Pro by Macphun

  Earlier this month I wrote a behind-the-scenes post that showcased my latest project for Bassanti, however instead of just one project, in realty I created two separate series  .  The commissioned catalogue shoot showcasing the designers creations in all there wonderfulness , however I felt like it just wasn’t enough , after I shot all 50 looks and made selections of the final images to start the skin editing process , it happen to be about the time Tonality Pro came out with a up dated version (If your  not familiar with Tonality Pro you can read more about it here ). In a previous blog post I showed you a ton of examples and gave you my thoughts about the new update , so for this blog post I figured I would just show you how I create digital wet plates with Tonality PRO by Macphun 
This was the image I used for the Cover of the Box that holds the silver edition in .

I also used a number of their apps from the cool folks over at Macphun , such as Snapheel to edit skin and textures . I also use  Focus 2 to create a shallow depth of field to really get that Wet plate effect, along with a little extra vignette it really helped create the effect I wanted .By mixing different effects, layers and textures I am able  to create a series of images that are not only cool and interesting but also unique , I had allot of fun experimenting at the beginning stages so much that I kept creating more and more images. In the end I have 50 solid, creative, unique images. To finalize my images I also ran some  of them through Noiseless Pro .
Let me just mention that Macphun is currently running a Creative Kit Summer Sale —it already started last week so I am hoping its still  available  ,, the current Creative Kit will have a brand new version of Noiseless Pro included. So, let’s see what’s inside this new update and remember 
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The major news is that Noiseless Pro, which provides a one-click solution for eliminating digital noise, now includes the option of BATCH PROCESSING. 
Key Improvements: Noiseless remains the fastest noise reduction software for Mac, with the update bringing a 14% speed increase With Batch Processing, users can process a number of images at once, resizing, renaming and saving files in popular image formats (JPG, TIFF, PNG)  Users will have the option to select from automatic noise reduction, use a built-in preset, or even create their own custom preset. Custom batching presets can also be saved so a combination of options chosen previously can be used again.The Light, Moderate and Medium presets have been improved to give even better results with portraits and photos where the noise is minimal.
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    Original image 

    I have made some quick selections to  give you a run through on  my editing process . If I haven’t answered any questions  you may have after this post please feel free to reach out and ask any questions in the comments section .

      step two – I created  textured backgrounds that I start very earlier on layering them into the image . 
      I use multiple textures to create old vintage affect . 
      I now create a second duplicate layer and upload a textured background . You can change the opacity to help integrate   your textured layer .
      There are literally dozens of presets to choose from , added with the capability  for customization, your created vision is endless . 
      I add yet another layer and another preset caladium at 50% opacity 
      as I add more layers, I tweak the contrast , shadows and saturation levels on each added layer . 
      To finalize the image , I may go to Focus Two Pro , Focus Pro is great at that it allows you total focus control over an image , in this case I made a selection  of the models face or body part and only focused there , blurring the unselected part of the image . This, if done properly can emulate large format bellows camera effect  or Tilt-shift effect, that is always fun and interesting . 

      2nd Image

      Original Image 
      Create Layer with vintage preset , adjustments of shadows and contrast . 
      I jumped into the final image , but again the process is the same for this type of  digital copy of a wet plate .
       I use multiple textured layers . Including custom borders . 
      Original Image 
      Step one: Import Image to Tonality Pro and create first layer copy . 
      Step Two: Import textured background, create new layer . 
      Since I was editing 50 plus images I needed to make sure that I never used the same backgrounds and textures  more than once . I would sometimes use them  repeatedly and then erase certain areas and add more layers , this image above is a good example of by using multiple layers and textures you get a more complex and interesting image . 
      Original Image 
      uploading textured layer . 

      after some adjustments this image was ready . 
      I must have made  four or  five copies before I settled on a finale version for this image.

      A project only closes full circle after its printed so in this clip above you get to see the moment when Bassanti receives his hand tailored  Silver Edition  KOYLAB book . Keep your eyes open for  more about that in a future  post … until then thank you for reading and please feel free to ask any questions or give any feedback in the comment section below . I will be happy to answer any questions and take in any positive feedback you may have.  A big final thanks to my creative team of hair, make up artist , models and my assistants on this project and the amazing Ivo Bassanti  that let me be apart of his wonderful creations. I have included  at the bottom a little summary for anyone who likes that stuff. 
      Photography: Joao Carlos
      Make Up: Sara Kruss Taborda 
      Hair: Elsa Elsart
      Photo Assistant: Bárbara Gomes
      Digital Assistant & Post Production: Marta Machado
      Making of Camera: Pedro Davim
      Making of Edition: Rita Karayanni
      Ana Rita Luz 
      Carine Zanata 
      Christian Pablo 
      Joana Graça 
      João Filipe 
      Mariana Carvalho 
      Pedro Barros 
      (Fashion Studio Agency)
      Elena Cabac
      Filipa Gentil 
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      Black and white image processing with masking and layers support. Simpler preset options give easy way into using the software Works as a standalone or plugin application.
      MSRP: £43.99 (upgrades from Tonality £22.99)

      System requirements 

      Mac OS 10.7 and above 

      Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor 

      4GB RAM and more

      • Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS6 or CC; Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4, 5 or later; Apple Aperture 3.2 or later,
      • Photoshop Elements 10 – 12 (App Store version is not supported due to Apple Sandboxing)
      Image formats handled  
      RAW images 8-bit, 16-bit (Including .NEF for Nikon and .CRW2 for Canon)
      PSD (Intensify Pro) 
      TIFF 8-bit, 16-bit ,PNG ,JPEG  , Possibility to save progress (.MPI)  RGB 8- and 16-bit
      Tonality Pro features
      Works as a plug-in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements and Apple Aperture
      Advanced Layers functionality
      Blend Modes for layer
      Ability to use source color from original image
      Higher maximum number of layers: 5 in standard and 8 in Pro
      Color Temperature tool
      Place Centre for Vignette
      Histogram improvements
      Show histogram clippings
      Zone System (on histogram)
         Zoom navigator window