Bassanti 2016 videos , Behind the Scenes and Campaign .

Bassanti is the name of a Portuguese couture brand I have had the pleasure of shooting for the past two years.
Like last year, and because the clothes are so detailed, I chose to keep the lighting relatively simple, so the focus would be on Bassanti’s pieces and nothing else.
This time, though, we had two different setups at the same time: one for stills and one for video. This would allow us to work faster, setting everything up in advance and not having to change the set during the day.


Above is my photography setup for the day. The camera was my Hasselblad H3D39 on a 3 Legged Thing Tripod. As for lighting, I had two Elinchrom 750 Micro as rim lights, one Broncolor Verso A4 on a Beauty Dish for my key light and a Profoto B2 on a Westcott rapid-box for some detail on the hair.


The video setup was lit with two IceLights and we added some smoke for a more dramatic effect.
Whenever possible, I like to shoot tethered. This allows me and the client to review the images in real time and in a big monitor, instead of relying only on the camera’s LCD.
My G-Technology drive also comes in handy, allowing me to backup my files instantly. Being shock-resistant is a plus.
Working with a big team can sometimes be challenging but luckily we had a group of hard working people that were always in a good mood.
Hair and make-up are always important, but on this particular day they created some pretty interesting (and time consuming) looks.

The video setup, despite not being overly complicated in terms of lighting, had a lot of moving parts. A lot of people were involved in the making of the video.
Some more BTS images:
I always shoot with a tripod in the studio , when I am working on catalogues and volume jobs its important to keep your images with a consistent point of view . My 3Legged Thing Tripod helps me achieve that .
When ever I have to stop to make lighting ajustmets for example , I have my make up artist do quick touch ups , saves time on both sides .
My 3Legged Thing and Hasselblad
always keep the models in loop to what you are showing , show them the images , this keeps them motivated .
Client: Bassanti
Photography: João Carlos
Video: Pedro Davim
Make-up: Alex Me
Hair: Martine  Royale Lisboa
Assistants: Diego Veríssimo and Rita Karayianni
3 Legged Thing –
Westcott –
Think Tank Photo –