American Circus in the UK – Personal Projects

I have a series of on going personal portrait projects , it’s nice to shoot somthing else besides fashion or advertising . Wherever my travels take me I make it a point to shoot at least one series for myself, without having the pressure of deadlines, editor or clients calling the shots.
The style is always the same, the camera is hand held, low depth of field, my choice of one maybe two lenses and black & white filmdigital process set the mood.

Last week, while traveling in the north of England, I saw posters of the American Circus. It was a typical old school traveling European Circus and I just had to stop and ask if I could take some quick shots of the performers.
The Circus Director Mr Peter gave me permission to photograph the performers backstage, I only had about 45 minutes, here are the results:

all images shot with the Hasselblad H4D 28 2.8 & 80 2.8 lenses .