‘American Circus in Britain’ Book

 I am excited about my revised  addition of  my book “American Circus in Britain” published on the blurb books platform.  This  was part of the  exhibition at Espaco Santa Casa, Lisbon, which showcased  the series of portraits of the circus folk from  Uncle Sam’s American Circus in Britain last fall .

Uncle Sam’s Great American Circus has been entertaining crowds for over 30 years. It is magic – a vacant lot is transformed into a thriving village of dance and wonder under the Big Top. The circus is an elusive character, rife with complexities and contradictions. My photographs are portraits of the many unique individuals whose paths have converged at this time and place; a period of sixty minutes in the Fall of 2010 in the town of Ellesmere Port, Northwest Britain.
My interest was in the people who worked in the circus and their nomadic lifestyle. I wanted to get to know the individuals who spent ten months of their lives on the road and gain their trust. The performers are natural entertainers and I didn’t want them to fall into character when I was with them with a camera. All of the individuals I met were fascinating and they all had their own story.

“American Circus in Britain” is available to buy on Blurb.com now.
The book is 70 pages and beautiful black and white iconic portrait  photography.

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