8 Tips and 29 Ways To Stay Creative

Here are my 8 Tips to Staying Creative

  1. Play to your strengths: Do what you know your good at. If you try and emulate another Photographers work, you’ll always be playing catch up and your idea will never be original.
  2. Don’t mistake owning fancy tools as being creative: Owning a 30 inch Mac , the latest version of Adobe CS or a 400 MB camera won’t make you creative. Good ideas aren’t dependent on tools.
  3. Keep a scrapbook: Spend some time each day searching the web for inspiring imagery, Ideas or even music . Keep a folder on your Smart phone . inspiration at your finger tips .
  4. Keep your creative brain well oiled: Keep your mind ticking over even when you’re not working. Sketch, write or take some photos. Using a simple photography app like Instagr.am or Polarize is a great way of staying creative. Create a day Journal.
  5. Don’t get disheartened by creative block: The simple truth is, good ideas rarely just fall into your lap. You need to work hard, try stuff out , iterate and soon the ideas will come.
  6. Go get inspired :Go to the movies , go read a book or go to a museum or gallery , surround your self with creativity art and culture .
  7. Shoot with meaning: Plan ,compose , take the time to look at what you are doing , dont just shoot on raped burst . This will help you find creative direction.
  8. Stay motivated: Lack of motivation kills creativity. If you’re not feeling motivated, ask yourself why and then do something about it.


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