Light Syndicate Lighting intensive Launch of the LIGHT DECK, 

Lighting can make or break an image and understanding how to use studio lighting in your photography can be confusing and overwhelming, my Beauty in the Light intensive is designed to guide you through the science and art with variety and creative studio lighting techniques. Throughout this practical photography intensive, you will dissect studio lighting looks created by the award-winning Master photographer ( me ) using my new and exclusive step-by-step hands-on   Link to the reservation. 

photography tool the LIGHT DECK, 

use a model to demonstrate and understand the behavior of light and how to manipulate it. Working in a studio environment you will be hands-on with flash lighting equipment, light painting equipment, LED and RGB lights, backgrounds, and props and learn the dos and don’ts of positioning your subject.

The intensive is aimed to equip you with the technical tools to add another layer of creativity to your portraits. Each participant will have the chance to experience hands-on.  different lighting techniques, using a selection of light modifiers, you will leave with the knowledge to take on any lighting situation. 


This two-day workshop will cover the theory and practicalities of Light  and studio flash lighting effects. You will leave with a set of tips and tricks to build confidence in creating your own vision.

  • Best studio practice
  • Soft and hard lighting
  • Light modifiers: softbox, beauty dish, umbrellas, snoots, reflectors
  • One, two, and three light setups
  • Lighting techniques: Rembrandt, clamshell, butterfly, high/low key
  • Backgrounds and props
  • Colored gels
  • Working with a model

This is a practical, studio-based course with hands-on experience. You will be provided with a model and a fully equipped photography studio.


A good understanding of basic exposure and your camera’s manual settings is advised.


This is a practical, studio-based course.


Lighting equipment, props, and backgrounds will be provided. You will need to provide your own DSLR or mirrorless camera with full manual controls.


We recommend you bring the following equipment with you to the course:

  • DSLR or mirrorless camera with full manual controls
  • Your camera’s manual
  • Fully charged battery
  • An empty memory card
  • Comfortable shoes
  • External flash (for some classes, if owned)
  • Tripod if owned.


Light  DECK

Product Description

Learn photography lighting from basic to pro, either on location bending natural light or complex techniques in the studio to help take your photographs to the next level. This collection of images delivers a fresh and easy way to learn photography thanks to the lighting diagrams along with photo lighting tips on every card.

Printed on thick card stock and photography paper with high-end UV coatings, each photograph has been carefully reproduced at the highest image quality. There is one gallery worthy image on each card with tips and lighting diagrams on the back revealing the recipe of how each image was taken.

No more sifting through hundreds of pages of text to learn inventive, professional lighting setups. It’s all right here in a simple format aimed specifically at how to learn to light for photography. Produced in an easy-access baseball card-like  jumbo format this is slightly larger than a pocket-friendly collection of 52 ( per pack 208 per DECK 

 new lighting diagrams and photography tips. 

The Light DECK  is a comprehensive location & studio lighting guide.

With over 260  light set-ups. lighting education & theory ( almost ) in your pocket photographers will be able to expand their lighting knowledge, gain inspiration and explore a new world of photo-shoot themes and ideas.

This guide was created with one idea in mind – to help photographers become more confident with lighting! Think of this as your Lightning playbook. Study it, memorize it , understand it and draw inspiration whenever you are planning a new project!

In  THE LIGHT DECK, I am going to share some of my favorite setups that work well for fashion, beauty, portrait, commercial, advertising, headshots, products and even bridal shoots! This is the first time I’m sharing all of my lighting setups in such detail. I can’t wait to see how you utilize them to expand and elevate your photographic work to the next level but above all else! I want to help you understand the fundamentals of light and really up to your game! 


  • Learn more about João Carlo’s  lighting style,  methods & his most used photo equipment.
  • Study & try out new lighting setups (with the 52 lighting diagrams per deck & each individual Lighting recipe 
  • Understand more about the theory of lighting  ( types of light & accessories).
  • Gain confidence in the studio environment and take control of the sunlight. 
  • Help you understand what equipment to purchase or rent.
  • Find inspiration & new ideas.
  • Get access to my online Facebook group  BEAUTY IS IN THE  LIGHT and ask questions! 


  • Light Recipe Guide  (52 Per PACK) 
  • TOTAL OF 130 lighting diagrams in a full deck.